School Improvement

Weaverville Elementary is using the NC Star/Indistar online platform for continuous improvement efforts. Information about this system is included at the bottom of this page.  Please click the link below to view the Weaverville Elementary School Improvement Plan.

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Indistar® is a process that guides a district or school team in charting its improvement and managing continuous improvement with a web-based system. You might call it a change management tool. Indistar® is premised on the firm belief that district and school improvement is best accomplished when directed by the people closest to the students. Each district team and school team applies its own ingenuity to achieve the results it desires for its students—students it knows and cares about. An improvement process that encourages local ingenuity and responsibility changes the dynamic; it also requires a “culture of candor” in which district and school personnel talk openly and honestly about their professional practices that contribute to student learning. The right answer is the one the local team determines will bring the district or school to the highest level of professional performance for the benefit of students. Placing this high level of confidence in the ability of district and school personnel to chart their own course also requires that the district or school team has convenient access to tools, resources, and effective practice to get the job done. Indistar® includes Wise Ways® research briefs to support its indicators of effective practice. Indistar® also provides Indicators in ActionTM video modules demonstrating the practices, and the technology for Coaches to coach the teams in real time. Indistar® enables Coaches to assist the teams with coaching comments about the team’s ongoing work, with dialogue from the teams.