2nd Grade

Welcome to 2nd Grade at WvES!

We are looking forward to meeting and working with you and your child next year!  We would like to share valuable information with you so that the transition to second grade will be smooth. 


Read every day this summer so your child will maintain his/her reading level.  Read from a variety of materials and genres (ie: newspapers, magazines, fiction, non-fiction).  Weaverville Public Library and several book stores in the area are hosting summer reading programs with activities and prizes.  These are worth checking out. 

Also, practice simple addition and subtraction facts.  Get some flash cards for a dollar and wear them out over the summer!  Make it fun!

In second grade, your child will have responsibilities designed to develop independence.  Your child will be expected to:

  • Read with you every night from a variety of reading materials and genres.

  • Complete homework nightly.

  • Turn in homework, notes, etc., daily.

  • Pack/unpack their own backpacks.

  • Listen and follow directions.


Thank you for supporting your child's growth as he/she enters a new school and new school year.  As we work together, our children will be successful!

Please navigate to our Summer Reading Lists link on our home page for some fabulous suggestions on what to read this summer.  Enjoy!