Information for Parents

5 Tips to Improve Working Memory Skills

This webpage offers parent tips to help improve a child's working memory.


What Is Working Memory?

This webpage offers parents an explanation of working memory along with a video that shows the positive effects that playing video games can have on a child's working memory.

Handbook of Parent's Rights

The link is for a PDF version of the North Carolina Handbook of Parent's Rights for parents of students with a disability.


Family Education

This website has a slideshow with homework strategies for children with learning disabilities.

Parenting Science

This webpage provides advice to parents on how to improve attention problems and learning difficulties in children with weak working memory.

ADDitude Magazine

This webpage provides parents of ADHD children with 16 tips to help tackle some of the common challenges they face.

Child Mind Institute

This webpage shares strategies for helping to support children with executive function disorders.

Center for the Developing Child

This webpage provides users with a video that explains executive functions and why they are important to school-aged children.