Music Education Apps

Here are some great music education apps broken down by various tablet companies.  Most are free.  Some of these apps may be available for additional devices other than the one listed (ie. an app may be in both the apple and amazon stores, but I only have the apple version listed).  Check back throughout the year, as I plan to keep this list updated as I find new apps. 
***Note: While I have personally viewed all of these apps and found them to be family friendly, students should not visit the app store or download any apps without parent supervision.  This list is intended for parents to download for student use only.
Amazon- Kindle
Red Bird Music Reader (multilevel game teaching line/space pitch notation, key signatures, piano skills)
Teach Your Kids Musical Instruments (introduces several orchestral instruments, with a quiz activity to help check instrument identification.  It does have issue mispronouncing "double bass."  "Bass" should sound like "baseball," not the fish)
Robotone (battle the robot to build piano and notation skills).

DoReMi 1-2-3- (interactive app teaches students the scale using solfege (do-re-mi), numbers, and pitches.  Students may also play songs or create music with playback feature.  Created on a PreK-2 level, but would also be helpful for any student working on scales.  Also has a parent setting to monitor student progress)
NoteWorks- Multilevel game for learning notes on staff and building piano skills.  Free version only focuses on lower notes on treble staff.  If you wish to have the paid version, it must be downloaded by a parent.  Students may not download without parent permission, 
Blob Chorus- quiz game to build pitch matching and ear training.  Suitable for K-Middle school
Dust Buster- game teaching pitch and rhythm notation and piano skills.  Best suited K-3, but 4-5th grade may also find useful.
Music Interval- quiz game to help student recognize musical intervals both by hearing the interval and seeing it visually on the staff. Best suited for 3rd grade-high school
goodEar- focuses on pitch training and tonal memory skills, as well as piano skills.  Best suited for 4th grade-high school.
Recorder Free- gives an interactive mini-lesson (using student created avatar) for playing g pitch and building basic skills. Paid version will allow additional skills.  IF YOU WISH TO HAVE THE PAID VERSION, IT MUST BE DOWNLOADED BY A PARENT.  STUDENTS MAY NOT DOWNLOAD WITHOUT PARENT PERMISSION!
Music Keys- learn where the notes are on the piano.
Free Piano- practice playing the piano
Virtuoso- another free piano app allows one or two students to play at the same time.

Composer's Piano
- Compose and record your own piano music. Best suited for 4th grade- high school.
I Can Xylo- Create and play back xylophone compositions K-5
Go Go Xylo- Strengthen xylophone performance skills and music reading skills. K-5
Fiddle Companion- Learn to play the violin/ fiddle
FingerDrums- practice playing the drums
Voice Dictran- foreign language written translation both by voice or typing
Music Notes- Practice line/space pitch notation for treble clef and assess your progress
Winterval8- Train ears to recognize intervals, and assess your progress
Name that note- Practice line/space notation on treble, bass, alto clef and assess your progress

SpotThatWorld; also SpotThatOrchestra- instrument identification assessment