Martin, Clay - Art

Welcome to Art!

I'm Mr. Martin. I've been teaching art in Weaverville since 2007, and I love the community and the wonderful students.

I teach art using a method called "T.A.B" (Teaching for Artistic Behavior). T.A.B is choice-based art education where students are treated as real artists who have great control over what they choose to make in the art room.

Each week we have a changing set of centers (painting, drawing, collage, etc) that students can move between and create based on their own ideas.  Before they create, I have a brief introduction.  On some weeks, I show them the work of a famous artist. On other weeks, I demonstrate a media or technique.  The students learn so much, and it informs the choices they make in their own artwork.

The students love the freedom to create based on their own ideas, and it's so exciting so watch them grow as artists and people.

- On a side note:  We make use of a lot of recycled materials in our choice-based art room.  If you would like to donate clean recycled materials such as egg cartons, cleaned plastic containers, fabric scraps, etc., just send them with your student on their art day.  We will make amazing things with these items!

Clay Martin
Master of Arts in Teaching - Western Carolina University
Bachelor of Fine Arts - University of North Dakota