Song Video the movements! :)
Area and Perimeter:
To find the perimeter,
the perimeter,
the perimeter,
To find the perimeter,
just add all the sides!
Yes, rectangle area,
Yes, rectangle area,
Multiply one side times the other
to find the space inside
Lines and Angles:
We know our lines, yes we do,
we know our lines, how 'bout you?
Horizontal, vertical, intersecting, parallel, and perpendicular!
A line has no endpoints (x2)
A line segment has two endpoints (x2)
A ray has one endpoint (x2)
 Let's do our angles, let's do our angles (whisper)
Acute, acute, acute, acute (whisper)
Obtuse, obtuse, obtuse, obtuse (loud!)
Right, right, right, right!
Median, Mode, Mean, Range
You've got the median,
the number in the middle
Mode- the number that occurs the most
Mean- that's just your average
And the range is the difference 
between the high and the low!
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