Kate Boehm Jerome: Author

Letters from Kate Boehm Jerome

In our reading group discussion, we kept noticing that so many books that we were reading were written by Kate Boehm Jerome.  Students were amazed by the variety of topics that Ms. Jerome covered.   We read her books about animal adaptations to North Carolina (just to name a few).  Students wanted to know how she attained such detailed information about such a variety of topics, so we decided to each write her a letter.  Attached are some of the responses from Ms. Jerome.  She wrote each student a hand-written note on "fancy" stationary. :)   Kate also sent us a signed book on North Carolina for future classes to read.  Often, writers can seem distant to their audience, yet Kate took to the time to become very real to our students.  Thank you, Ms. Jerome for your amazing resources in non-fiction and taking time to inspire our class.

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