Buckley, Paul - Physical Education
Welcome to Physical Education 
Paul Buckley
Welcome to Mr. Buckley Physical Education class. The students have accomplished a lot in the first semester. During PE students will perform a specific skill during class followed by lead up games that enhance the skills being taught during the class.

Students have learned:

1. Football
- T-shape throw
- proper technique with running with a football
- locating pathways while running with the football
2. Soccer
- Dribbling correctly with feet
- inside soccer pass
- small sided game
3. Basketball
- dribbling with right hand and left hand
- proper shooting with correct hand placement
- chest pass
4. Hockey
- stick safety
- dribbling with a puck
- shooting 
5.  Health Assessment
-Push ups
- Pacer
- Curl Ups
-Trunk Lift
- Sit and Reach

6. Character Traits
- working well with others
- focus on oneself because you can only control you 

Our Goal in Physical Education:

Move the entire 45 minutes of class
learn to be problem solvers
focus on the 7 habits of successful people 
learn life long healthy skills