Weekly Homework

Weekly Homework Instructions

Your child will be responsible for completing the following homework assignments each week.

Reading homework is due daily. Math and Fundations are due on Friday.


 READING—Read 20 minutes each night. Choose a reading response from the Reading Choice Board and record it on the reading log located in the back sleeve of the homework folder.  This is due DAILY. Your child may check out a book from the class library, school library, local library or may choose a book from home for nightly reading. This book should be a “just right” book: not too difficult nor too easy. Please return the book in the homework bag each day, if checked out from school.

 MATH—Your child will bring home a math game and/or have math facts practice each week. Please play the math game at least 3 times and record it on the game log located in the baggie. Return the baggie with all game pieces and the game log on Friday. Practice math addition/subtraction facts daily until your child can answer within 3-5 seconds without using fingers. Math flash cards can be purchased at dollar stores or Wal-Mart. Each student will be given a deck of playing cards with math game instruction sheets to keep at home to help with math facts practice. It would be helpful to have a set place to keep these at home so they don’t get lost or misplaced and are easily accessible.

 FUNDATIONS—Your child will have a Fundations (phonics) packet to complete each week. The Friday due date for each packet will be written at the top of the packet. Some packets are more than one week, depending on the length of the unit being taught. Instructions for completing the packet are on the 2nd page of the packet. Please do not work ahead. Please do not try to complete the packet all in one or two nights as this will defeat the purpose of the homework. 

 The homework folder and your child’s nightly reading book will come home in a black & yellow bag with your child's cubbie number. Please keep these items away from food and drink. Please check the folder each night for paperwork that needs to be returned and clean out any graded work and/or information flyers. I will send home a class newsletter every Monday. Please make sure the homework folder with behavior calendar, reading log, and book is returned daily in the bag provided. 


Thank you for your support!

the busy bees