School Improvement Team

2019-2020 School Improvement Team Members
         All Weaverville Elementary School Improvement committee members are chosen by ballot, appointment or office in the PTO and are representative of all areas of the school faculty, staff and parent community.   
2019-2020 SIT Chair

2019-2020 Secretary 
SIT Members 
Karen Hamilton - Teacher -
Cheri Bettilyon - Teacher -
  Amanda Fields - Teacher -
Heidi Allison - Principal - 
Cindy Roop - Specialist Representative -
Jayme Benfield - School Counselor -
Sarah Harrison - Title 1 Reading Specialist - 
  Lesa Coates - Curriculum Coach - (Advisor)
 - Instructional Assistant -
 - Parent Representative
 - Parent Representative 
The School Improvement process allows for input from the whole school community.  This collaboration affords the opportunity to design and develop an educational program that will meet the needs of all students. As a public body, the SIT will comply with Open Meetings Law in regard to its meetings. Please check the School Improvement Meeting Dates tab for more information.