Author to visit Weaverville Elementary

Author to visit Weaverville Elementary in March!
Michael Anthony Steele

We are happy to announce that Michael Anthony Steele will be visiting our school in March to share with our kids how he became a writer!  Michael Anthony Steele has written over 110 books, including some of the Adventures of Wishbone series, novelizations of ‘Night at the Museum’ and several story adaptations of Word Girl, Scooby Doo, Batman and The Green Lantern among others.  He also writes screenplays for television and video games. “He is a prolific writer, not just of stories for preschool-aged kids through elementary school, but for television and video,” said Heidi Allison, principal at Weaverville Elementary.  “Mr. Steele can show our kids there is more to writing than just books – there are lots of mediums in which to entertain with the written word.”  We are thrilled to have Michael Anthony Steele to share his story!