Birthday Book Club

birthday cakeDo you have any idea why we have a birthday book program?  Many years ago, a parent thought this would make a good service project for our PTO.  It was decided that every student would be recognized with a piece of birthday cake and parents would be given the opportunity to purchase a book to place in the library in honor of their child.  So the PTO supplies the money for the cake, books and paper products.  When parents purchase the books the money is deposited back into the PTO treasury.  Last year at Weaverville Elementary, our families purchased 136 books.  The books cost on average $9.00 each.  This meant that $1124.50 worth of books was donated to our library!  Let’s keep up the good work!

Here are the dates for Birthday Books Celebrations for 2017-2018
July, August & September Birthdays - 9/29
October, November & December Birthdays - 12/15
January, February & March Birthdays - 3/16
April, May & June Birthdays - 6/1