WEAVERWOOD Film and Drama Club

Update- April 22, 2022:  Our new production SERVES has premiered!  The YouTube link is in our list of movies below.
Drama Club Group Picture

Earlier Updates:
Our club has a new name and logo!  We are now the WEAVERWOOD Film and Drama Club.


 A Weaverwood Film and Drama club production, "Cubes" won the President's Award from the North Carolina Film Awards festival!
Here are some highlights from the judges' reviews:

Kudos to the film and drama club for daring to explore the universe of creativity and film. It was a wonderful adventure as they investigated green screen and cinematic dreams. Dedicated to the craft, they demonstrated that at this school, imagination is revered.
Judge Bill 

This is an outstanding effort by the Film Club and the students behind it -- people at the very start of their careers! Congratulations to all! Cubes is imaginative, clever and an incredible achievement for these young filmmakers.

Judge Karen

What a fantastic film and drama club to have produced such an epic adventure. I hope all concerned had a great time and learned a lot. Can't wait to see your next production.

Judge Fran

Welcome to the official webpage for WEAVERWOOD Film and Drama Club!

Our club creates original short films starring our own students!  All productions are "in-house" original productions written, directed, and produced right here at Weaverville Elementary School.

Our productions are available on the Mister Martin youtube page.  Here they are!