What Can You Do?

Your Title I Program needs your help:
  • to determine program goals.
  • to plan and carry out programs.
  • to evaluate programs.
  • to work with your child at home and even in school as a volunteer.
The annual Title I meeting is a great place to start and your always invited! This is the time to:
  • learn more about Title I.
  • learn about your rights and responsibilities as a Title I parent.
  • meet other teachers and parents.
Make learning fun and help your child build language, reading and math skills:
  • Provide games such as crossword puzzles, dot-to-dot drawings, word games .
  • Help your child read signs while shopping or in the car.
Take advantage of resources available to you:
  •  visit the public library together, pick out book to read just for fun.
  • ask if you can borrow materials from your child's school.
Read to your child. Talk about the story as you read. Have your child read to you or let them read the passage silently to themselves.
The following websites give strategies to use with readers:
  • Phonemic Awareness 
  • Early Literacy screening, tools, activities
  • Vocabulary